Peach Green Tea Smoothie: A Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Option

Peach Green Tea Smoothie: A Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Option

You're looking to energize your morning. You're picturing something sweet and fruity but with the depth and health benefits of green tea. Rather than brew a cup, our Peach Green Tea smoothie makes a tasty, invigorating start to your day, and is just one of the many ways you can use our Peach Punk tea concentrate.

Blend our Rainforest Alliance-certified tea concentrate in with a protein and other fruits and vegetables to kickstart your day - perhaps fueled by the health benefits of superfoods and a touch of caffeine. Or, if you need a pick-me-up later, this combination can be quickly prepared or saved for a mid-day snack, preferably on a hot day when you're looking to cool off or as a fruit-based alternative to coffee:

Putting Together a Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Whether you're looking through the cabinets or making a shopping list, be sure to have the following on hand:

Your Basics

This is a Peach Green Tea smoothie after all. Here, your basics include:

  • One packet of Buddy State Peach Punk Tea.
  • Matcha to enhance the green tea flavor.
  • Peaches, fresh or frozen and chopped.
  • Ice.

Other Ingredients

Smoothies can go in a number of directions. Sometimes, you want to keep it simple with your liquid - in this case, the Peach Punk tea dissolved in water - and fruit. Or, you can upgrade the protein content: In the present, milk makes a versatile and simple base, or you can up the probiotic factor with Greek yogurt.

Then, of course, if you're thinking of your Peach Green Tea smoothie as a meal replacement, consider incorporating some greens. We've provided a few suggestions:

  • A protein: While some automatically go for peanut or another nut butter, keep the flavor neutral here, so that the peach and matcha take up most of the flavor profile. Begin with a cow's, oat or nut milk, or thicken it with Greek yogurt or even kefir.
  • Vegetables: Green smoothies have received significant attention in recent years, both for their superfood-fueled nutritional punch and for the convenience of incorporating multiple fruits and vegetables into a meal. In this direction, consider complementing the peaches and green tea with spinach, kale and spirulina as a baseline, or add a scoop of a pre-made green smoothie powder.
  • Fruits: Expand the flavor profile. In the case of peaches, melons, berries and citrus add secondary notes and, at the same time, upgrade the nutritional profile - including adding inflammation-reducing antioxidants into the mix. Bananas, meanwhile, have a neutral flavor while giving the smoothie a creamier texture and adding more potassium.
  • Fiber: Consider adding chia or hemp seeds to boost the fiber content.

Making Your Peach Green Tea Smoothie

With these ingredients assembled:

  1. Combine Buddy State Peach Punk tea concentrate with at least one cup of water, matcha powder, a half-cup of a milk or yogurt, a cup of chopped peaches, any additional fruits and a half-cup or less of ice. Should you want a sweeter profile, consider adding a tablespoon of honey.
  2. Blend until the smoothie reaches the desired consistency.
  3. Store any leftovers to have as a snack later in the day.
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