Tea Transformed.


Why Buddy State Tea Concentrate Stix?

  • Liquid Iced Tea Concentrate Stix
  • 20 calories per stix
  • 4 grams of sugar per stix
  • Real, Rainforest-Alliance certified tea
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Three refreshing flavors
  • Sustainable packaging to reduce plastic waste
  • Add to 8-16oz. of water to personalize your flavor

Tea Your Way. Enjoy Hot, Cold or Iced!

Dilute Buddy State Tea Stix into 8-16 ounces of water. If you enjoy a sweeter tea, add two stix!

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Buddy to The Planet

Humans go through 400 billion bottles each year, most made with plastic that's difficult to recycle - or not recycled at all. The beverage industry also consumes a significant amount of water and generates CO2 emissions in the process. Our liquid tea concentrate is more sustainable:

  • Packaging involves 65 times less plastic than the typical drink bottle.
  • Add our liquid tea concentrate to reusable water bottles or a hot cup - reducing the overall water to make bottled beverages by 98%.
  • Due to these factors, making a drink with our liquid tea concentrate involves 36 times less CO2 than plastic bottled beverages.
  • We use Rainforest Alliance certified tea across all flavors. Products meet all standards for environmental protection, social equity and economic viability.

Buddy To You

  • All packets include 24% black tea concentrate - providing a richer flavor compared to the 0.12% black tea present in our competitors products.
  • We use the highest-quality Rainforest Alliance Certified tea leaves, which are then blended with select fruits, herbs, spices and other ingredients meant to complement the flavor and aroma.
  • We pay attention to the temperature that best brings out the tea leaves' flavor.
  • Prepare our liquid tea concentrate cold, iced or hot, blend it into cocktails or smoothies or even use it for baking.
  • In addition to steering clear of artificial ingredients, we keep the sugar content of our flavored iced tea packets low.

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