Recover Sustainably.

Buddy State liquid protein concentrate is superior to standard protein recovery beverages. Not only can you drink our 5g liquid protein concentrate directly from the stix, but we use hydrolyzed collagen, with a super clean label which keeps sugar content down. We couple this with packaging meant to decrease plastic usage and emissions for more sustainable alternatives. Quality, liquid protein you can take on-the-go and on your next adventure...

Buddy to You

  • 5g of high quality, liquid protein you can take on-the-go and on your next adventure
  • Traceable hydrolyzed collagen as the protein source
  • Increased protein absorption per dose
  • Muscle, joint & bone growth and recovery

Buddy To The Planet

  • Reduce plastic by replacing your ready to drink plastic protein beverage with just 2 STIX daily!
  • Reduce water use and transportation when having a Buddy State Protein Shot.
  • Concentrating our hyfrolyzed collagen shot into a tiny dose means we reduce our CO2 emissions through transportation - you WIN, the planet WINS!

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