College Ambassador Program

This is definitely not your average 9-5 job! As a Buddy State Ambassador, you'll be empowered to develop and deliver tailor-made sales & marketing plans to win our target group in the most relevant way thanks to your in-depth local knowledge

  • Be a Buddy State Brand Ambassador

     Spread the Buddy State mission by promoting and representing the brand in the most premium way.

  • Know Your Market & Spot the Trends

    Always seek new opportunities for Buddy State.

  • Ensure Visibility & Distribution to our Customers

    Help ensure Buddy State is visible and available for our customers. 

  • Invite Product Trial

    Create environments for customers to ask questions and try Buddy State.

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  • Entrepreneur

    You are a creative thinker which always looking for new opportunities for growth and success.

  • Strategic

    You excel at creating first-class plans and putting them into action.

  • Outgoing Personality

    Your highly approachable and social with a natural ability to relate to many different people in many different environments.

  • Connected

    Creating engaging content on your social media channels which is brings people together is a part of your life.

  • Team Player

    You know the importance of cultivating a healthy, safe team environment which empowers all that are involved to excel.

  • Role Model

    You influence people around you in a healthy way and are eager to empower your community.

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