About Us

Our Mission

We like to keep it simple. We create liquid beverage concentrates that are healthy, sustainable and convenient. We have three missions that we strive toward at Buddy State:

  • Healthy Beverages with a clean label and low sugar.
  • Sustainable Beverages which reduce plastic waste, water and CO2 emissions.
  • Convenient Beverages you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
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Why Our Stix?

Want to reduce your environmental impact while still enjoying healthy, convenient and refreshing beverages? Us too. That's why we created Buddy State.

With 400 billion plastic bottles used globally, we developed our beverages to remove the need for another plastic bottle. Yes, we even have a Buddy State reusable bottle!

Plus, our stix hold liquid concentrates. Why concentrate? Since most beverages are made of concentrate + water, we removed the water...therefore omitting the need to transport all of that water, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

The beverage industry needed a change. So here we are.

Now you can enjoy your favorite beverage all the while reducing plastic, water and carbon emissions.

A Buddy to you. A Buddy to the planet.

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Our Story

There's always a story and we are no different...

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