Affiliate Program

Sip & Share. The Buddy State Affiliate program is a partnership between you and Buddy State, offering you a chance to get rewarded for sharing your love for sustainable beverages. 

You are our greatest ambassadors and you can play a part in sharing our mission of reducing plastic waste while enjoying healthy and sustainable beverages.

In exchange for sharing why you love Buddy State, you’ll earn commission when others purchase products through your social media platforms.

It's a WIN-WIN for you & the planet.

  • Become a Buddy State Brand Ambassador

    Spread the Buddy State mission by promoting and representing the brand & our beverages.

  • Know Your Market & Spot the Trends

    Always seek new opportunities for Buddy State within your community.

  • Ensure Visibility & Distribution to our Customers

    Help ensure Buddy State is visible and available for our customers.

  • Invite Product Trial

    Create environments for customers to ask questions and try Buddy State. 

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