Why Should You Join Us?

  • Innovation

    We create, enable and promote sustainable solutions through continuous innovation and development. The journey and growth never stops at Buddy State and we encourage you to innovate without limits in order to spread our mission 

  • Team

    We cultivate a healthy, safe team environment which looks to energize each other, practice respectful levels of candour and celebrate success 

  • Inclusivity

    We strive to listen, engage, and activate voices at Buddy State to ensure that all identity groups and perspectives are represented in our work. As entrepreneurs seeking innovative solutions, we want every teammate to feel a strong sense of purpose and belonging

  • Personal & Career Growth

    We want you to chase your potential through challenge and growth at Buddy State. Through exciting experiences, you will continuously learn, challenge the status quo and build innovative solutions. We want you to grow as we grow

  • Fun

    Problem solving should be fun. Change and growth should be fun. Innovation should be fun. We want to challenge each other to execute successful solutions but having fun and being passionate about what we do is of utmost importance

  • Empowering

    We empower uniqueness and implore our team to get after it. We instil confidence in our team to innovate solutions which can execute and deliver. Being yourself and assertive with your capabilities is what we empower at Buddy State

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What Are We Looking For?

  • College Ambassadors

    Being a Buddy State Ambassador means joining our mission to eradicate plastic bottle consumption globally. Empower your peers to drink sustainable beverage solutions which are healthy, tasty and reduce plastic by bringing your campus together through events and activations

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  • Affiliates

    Partner with Buddy State to get rewarded and earn commission when you promote Buddy State’s products and brand mission around healthy, tasty and sustainable beverage solutions

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