Hi! We are Angus and Bea, co-founders of Buddy State!

We set out on the journey to create Buddy State while we were both studying at university and came to the realization that covenient, sustainable and healthy liquid concentrates were a solution missing in the beverage industry. 

The Buddy State solution has been 2 years in development and solves a number of problems. Firstly, the Buddy State Collagen Shot, which is a single serve shelf stable recyclable stickpack, is a super concentrated liquid that is ready for direct consumption at the point of opening by the consumer. This therefore, dismisses any need for the consumer to mix powders into liquids at all. Secondly, there is no immediate taste or aftertaste of collagen due to the way the Buddy State Collagen Shot has been formulated, processed and packed. The intent of the product was also to alleviate mass liquid consumption (1.16oz to 16.9oz shakes for example) or powder mixing by delivering something that was physically required by the human body for recovery purposes in a small shot or dose (0.37oz) that can be consumed when required by the individual at any time in the day. 

As students, we took the leap to begin the process of creating innovative and sustainable beverages using our patented stix technology. This packaging format allows us to eliminate plastic bottles, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce water usage. 

Buddy State delivers something that is great tasting, convenient, sustainable and technologically unique! We hope you will join us on our continuous journey to change the beverage industry for good.

A Buddy to You, a Buddy to the Planet. 

So Why The Name Buddy State?

So why the name Buddy State? We set out on to create a healthy, sustainable and of course tasty tea brand. 

Having been athletes throughout high school and college, we were used to being referred to as ‘Buddy’ by both our coaches and our teammates. Buddy is defined as a ‘close friend or companion.’ We wanted to create a beverage for the community which is both a close friend and companion to our individual consumers' health and lifestyle but also a close friend and companion to the place we call home, the planet, through sustainable choices. 

As Buddy State we are all about empowering our community through our sustainable, healthy beverages and in essence create a state of mind and being. State is defined as ‘a particular condition someone is in at a specific time’ as well as an ‘organized community.’ 

When developing our products, company ethos and mission we started to unearth that we were creating a unique ecosystem of acceptance, empowerment, health of consumers and our planet, making it a state of mind and being to consume and be part of Buddy State. 

Taking these two important concepts and parts of our ethos and mission, created the name of Buddy State.