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Peach Punk Tea Concentrate Stix

Peach Punk Tea Concentrate Stix

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A healthy, low sugar and refreshing blend of Rainforest Alliance tea. Buddy State Peach Punk Tea is the perfect peachy tea to enjoy hot, cold or iced all while reducing plastic use!

Ingredients & Nutritionals

24 SERVINGS OF PEACH PUNK TEA CONCENTRATE: Each box makes 24 servings of iced tea or hot tea. Or add multiple sticks to a pitcher and serve the perfect iced tea for your next party or picnic.

EASY TO MIX LIQUID TEA CONCENTRATE: Liquid iced tea concentrate mixes instantly with water. Just add one packet of drink mix to 8-16 oz. of water to personalize your beverage to your taste. Rip, pour and stir to enjoy a tasty iced or hot tea.

LOW CALORIE AND LOW SUGAR: Each serving of liquid iced tea concentrate contains only 20 calories and 4 grams of sugar per stick pack. The perfect alternative to soda, fruit juice, artificially sweetened drinks or drink mixes— perfect to take on-the-go for kids and adults!

PERSONALIZE YOUR TEA: Add one packet of drink mix to 8-16 oz. of water to personalize your beverage to your taste. If you like your tea sweet, we suggest using less water. If you prefer a subtle tea flavor, we suggest adding more water.

LESS PLASTIC PACKAGING & SUSTAINABLE: Our stick packs are made using sustainable packaging. Our sticks use 65 times LESS plastic per serving by replacing a bottled iced tea with a Buddy State Tea Stix. Be a Buddy to the Planet by choosing a delicious and sustainable beverage that uses less plastic.

Quench your thirst with a fresh and delicious low calorie and low sugar tea brought to you by Buddy State! Featuring a healthy and tasty blend of real tea and other natural ingredients, Buddy State Peach Tea is the perfect tea to enjoy hot, cold or iced while reducing plastic bottle waste. Each box of Buddy State comes with 24 individually packed liquid concentrate stix for you to take on your next adventure. Simply mix one packet into a 8-16 oz water bottle and stir to make a refreshing iced tea while you’re out on your next adventure or a comforting cup of hot tea while you’re relaxing with a book-in-hand.

Our tea concentrate stix are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified black tea, natural sugar and stevia. A single stick of Buddy State tea concentrate can be mixed with 8-16 oz of water so that you can customize your beverage to your personal taste. Each liquid tea concentrate stix contains only 4 grams of sugar and 20 calories per serving. Order a box of 24 stix to make sure you always have a delicious drink that you can easily take with you during hiking, biking or any time you’re on the go.

We want to help everyone live a healthful lifestyle and creating better-for-you beverages is a huge part of that. Buddy State is dedicated to helping you make simple, healthy choices that also help the planet. We're on a mission to remove 1,000,000 plastic bottles from our rivers, lakes, oceans and lands, and our tea concentrate stix are a great start. Buddy State Liquid Tea Concentrate Stix use sustainable packaging and each packet uses 65 times LESS plastic packaging than bottled tea beverages, cuts transported water by 98 percent and reduces emitted CO2 by 36 times. A Buddy to you. A Buddy to the planet.

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