Sip Smarter: Discover the Benefits of Low Sugar Iced Tea

Sip Smarter: Discover the Benefits of Low Sugar Iced Tea

Low-sugar iced tea delivers the best of both worlds as a beverage. On one hand, the small amount of sugar added satiates your cravings for something sweet and, on a hot day, hits the spot with its cool, crisp refreshment. Beyond this aspect, subtly sweet tea delivers antioxidants, traces of key minerals and ample hydration.

Learn more about what low-sugar iced tea offers on a holistic level:

Nutritional Profile

Before a small amount of sugar is added, a serving of tea has fewer than five calories, as well as no fat and no carbohydrates. While lemon iced tea and other natural, low-sugar variations change this profile slightly, each cup or glass provides the following nutrients:

  • Manganese, a mineral that’s essential for building healthy bones, supporting your body’s connective tissues, facilitating blood clotting, helping your body metabolize calcium and carbohydrates, enhancing the nervous system, aiding wound healing and regulate blood sugar.
  • Fluoride, a mineral essential for strong bones and healthy teeth.


Unfortunately, many avoid drinking iced tea in any variety, incorrectly assuming caffeine content makes it a dehydrating beverage.

The reality is that low-sugar iced tea is made of approximately 99 percent water due to the brewing process. This composition contributes to the amount of fluids your body needs to function. Maintaining proper hydration:

  • Keeps you from feeling thirsty.
  • Supports your body’s circulatory system.
  • Helps your body provide nutrition to its cells and defend itself against infection.
  • Assists with maintaining body temperature.
  • Helps keep your joints lubricated and flexible.

As a measuring point, adults are advised to get in 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water or another hydrating beverage like low-sugar iced tea to remain hydrated.

Fewer Sugars

A higher sugar intake is associated with multiple health concerns, from cavities to accelerating the development of diabetes to elevated heart disease risks. While you’ll need to decrease sugar intake across your diet to experience these effects, low-sugar iced tea tends to be a starting spot. These beverages, as well, are friendlier for diabetic patients looking to manage blood sugar spikes.


Tea in any form delivers potent doses of catechins and flavonoids, a type of polyphenol associated with anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the body on a broader scale. Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals, both produced internally and from external sources, which:

  • Supports the cardiovascular system, including preserving the walls of blood vessels and arteries.
  • Enhances immune system functioning, including the ability to fight off infections.
  • Supports your metabolism.
  • Helps the body better manage inflammation, which can lower risks for chronic inflammation and related diseases.
  • Helps the body generate new collagen, which, in addition to fighting free radicals, can reduce the effects of aging.


While you’re encouraged to limit caffeine, low-sugar iced tea delivers a smaller dose compared to coffee and energy drinks. This amount:

  • Can help you maintain your energy levels.
  • Assists with enhancing cognitive function and focus.
  • Helps you limit your caffeine intake after years of drinking coffee or another high-caffeine beverage.


Buddy State’s iced tea concentrate is a buddy to the planet - and to you. We source our product from Rainforest Alliance certified tea leaves, which attests to sustainability along the supply chain, and use 65 times less plastic and generate 63 times less carbon dioxide in production compared to traditional bottled beverages. At the same time, our product contains a lower amount of sugar without compromising taste.

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