On-the-Go Hydration: Convenience and Portability of Liquid Water Enhancers

On-the-Go Hydration: Convenience and Portability of Liquid Water Enhancers

At this point, most of us are familiar with the benefits of hydration, at least on a general level. Getting enough water on a day-to-day basis supports your body’s systems and decreases risks for dehydration. On the other hand, plain water lacks flavor and becomes a chore to drink. In turn, liquid water enhancers like instant iced tea and flavored water packets have seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

Designed to add flavor, as well as other nutrients, liquid water enhancers make it easier to achieve your hydration goals, contain less sugar than bottled beverages and are convenient for on-the-go use, be it for refilling your water bottle at work or in travel.

If you’re looking to get in more ounces each day, learn more about the benefits of liquid water enhancers:


Wherever you happen to be, all you have to do is squeeze some of your flavored water packet or add a proportional serving of instant iced tea to your water bottle and shake. The result produces a more flavorful beverage, often enhanced with a touch of caffeine for an afternoon pick-me-up.

The portable format often means you can take your water enhancer along in your bag, be it to the office, to the gym or through your hand luggage or carry-on bag in travel.

More Control

Bottled beverages present limitations: You get what’s on the nutrition label, often with a specific number of ounces, and you have few options beyond what’s in front of you. In terms of iced tea, your hydration often gets coupled with high amounts of sugar, which negates the drink’s natural health benefits like inflammation-decreasing antioxidants. Drinks may additionally have artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Instant iced tea particularly provides you with more control of what you drink. Tea concentrates like Buddy State are brewed with less sugar - you can always add more, should you choose - and you have a choice of flavored options, ranging from traditional to fruit notes. The result delivers fewer calories per serving on its own, and can be customized or brewed according to your preferences. Prepare it iced, make a hot cup if you can boil water and expand the complete flavor profile with citrus, herbs or any addition of your choosing.

This approach comes with an additional benefit: Because you’re not reaching for a single-use bottle every time you’re thirsty, you consume less plastic in the process.

More Caffeine

Generally, instant iced tea and other liquid water enhancers have a higher caffeine content per serving: This is roughly 25 to 30mg per eight-ounce serving, versus as little as 7mg for a single bottled beverage.


As your primary objective, using a liquid water enhancer helps you maintain hydration throughout the day. You’re more likely to take a sip from something with a more distinct taste - even when you don’t feel thirsty. Doing this helps reduce risks for dehydration, which, beyond making you feel parched, can affect your physical and cognitive health.


We’re a buddy to you - and the planet. Stay hydrated with Buddy State, a tea concentrate starting with Rainforest Alliance certified tea and factoring in sustainability along the supply chain. This results in a flavorful, low-sugar addition to your water while involving 65 times less plastic and 63 times less carbon dioxide than a bottled beverage.

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