From Hot to Cold: Instant Tea Recipes for Every Season

From Hot to Cold: Instant Tea Recipes for Every Season

Instant tea combines convenience and flavor: Rather than brewing water, steeping the leaves and waiting for it to cool, you mix black tea concentrate with a portion of hot or cold water to enjoy your favorite beverage and stay hydrated in the process.

Within this format, explore the possibilities of instant tea with the following recipes:

  • Classic Iced Tea: The perfect glass of iced tea cools you off while delivering a sweet and slightly bitter combination complemented by a touch of citrus. With instant tea, mix the concentrate according to the directions, add a lemon wedge or orange slice and plenty of ice to enjoy.
  • Spiced Tea: You can enjoy this hot - a quintessential fall beverage - or cooled down as an iced milk tea for a hot spring or summer day. In both cases, start with the tea concentrate and hot water and add chai seasonings, including cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, and let the combination sit. Add a dash of milk once ready to drink. For an iced version, let the spiced tea cool overnight, and add milk and ice the next day.
  • Sweet Tea: The secret to perfect sweet tea is adding one cup of sugar or a sweetener of your choice to three cups of brewed tea. Start with any Buddy State flavor before letting the mixture cool overnight.
  • Arnold Palmer: For a stronger citrus beverage, try this traditional combination that’s half lemonade and half iced tea. Make the iced tea according to the package directions, and mix in equal parts lemonade.
  • Raspberry tea: Finish your iced tea with rich, berry sweetness. This healthy iced tea recipe is brewed as is. Then, add mashed raspberries to the bottom of the glass before you pour the tea over.
  • Ginger tea: Spice up your iced or hot tea recipe by adding powdered ginger or slices of the fresh root. Let the combination steep for a more intense flavor. Ginger tea can be served alone or have a touch of milk or cream mixed in.
  • Tea latte: You’ll generally serve this hot, although an iced version can be created. Here, prepare the tea concentrate hot, and warm the milk while whisking it until it achieves a frothier texture. Then, pour the frothed milk on top.
  • Mint tea: Mint complements both iced and hot teas. If you start with instant tea, prepare it according to your preferences, and add a few mint leaves to your cup to enhance the flavor.
  • Lavender tea: Make your daily beverage more aromatic. Similar to how you prepare mint tea, add a couple of lavender blossoms to a cup of hot tea, followed by a hint of honey to highlight the flavor.
  • Pineapple tea: Take your typical tea recipe to paradise. This variation on a citrus-flavored tea adds pineapple juice to an iced beverage and tops it with crushed or sliced pineapple.
  • Refresher: This milky, fruity tea concoction is essentially a deconstructed smoothie. Start by making your tea as is, chop up berries, peaches or another fruit of your choosing and add a dash of milk.
  • Smoothies: Upgrade your smoothie with the benefits of tea. As you put all ingredients into a blender, add a half or full portion of instant tea along with water or another liquid to mix it properly.


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