Our Guide to Vegan Eating

Our Guide to Vegan Eating

Thinking of going vegan this January? Want to cut down on meat in general? Stuck on how to do it and what foods taste good? Wait no longer, here are some of the unsung heroes of the meat alternative world. Make it easier by introducing some of these scrumptious options this January… 



Versatile and surprisingly cheap, jackfruit is a great substitute for meat, in particular pulled pork, as it mimics the shredded texture. Originating from Asian cooking, it is found in cans, meaning you can easily stock up in the cupboard and throw into your cooking whenever you want. It is very easy to cook with, you're only having to drain the can and throw into whatever curry or stir-fry you fancy. Additionally, it holds flavour amazingly, especially when marinated and then cooked slowly, allowing the jackfruit to absorb all the flavour, much like meat. 


Coconut Yogurt: 

Yogurt is often a hard food to replace, as many miss the creaminess of the diary and its overall flavour. With the rise of wolf vegetarian and vegan diets, we have seen a great increase in the options available in the non-dairy sector, in particular yogurt. Getting the thickness and creaminess of Greek style dairy yogurt can be difficult in a non-dairy format, but coconut yogurt is a great alternative. Rich in probiotics, it is both a tasty option but also healthy. 




Maybe not commonly thought of when thinking about meat alternative options, aquafaba is the water from a can of chickpeas and is a widely used egg white substitute. Perfect for baking, aquafaba can be used to make your very own vegan meringues, as well as act as a base for many baking recipes. Why not try it in your cocktail, after all we all love a whiskey sour every once in a while. 

Oat Milk Ice Cream: 

Keeping on the diary track, ice cream is loved by many and having to give up this sweet treat can be difficult. But why should you have to give up your eating pleasures because you are going vegan? Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in the number of dairy-alternative ice creams on the market. Much like the milk and yogurt market, there is a variety of dairy alternatives used, but oat milk ice cream is definitely a winner. The creaminess provided by the oats is truly fabulous and a phenomenal array of flavours is available, everything from mint choc chip cookie to yummy strawberry, you won’t feel you're missing out with these amazing options.



“I don’t like the texture,” is often said when talking about tofu, and yes this can be the case if you're not used to it, or it's not cooked properly with lost of flavour. Another soybean alternative is tempeh, originally used widely across Asian cooking, tempeh is fermented soybeans, making it a much firmer texture. It is a great substitute for all protein, and yes unlike jackfruit it does not give that like for like texture or appearance as meat options but is a great addition to any meal as it really soaks up the flavours of the dish. 

The preconception that a vegan diet only means eating vegetables is being ever more blown out of the water with these phenomenal alternatives, which had an extra level of flavour and satisfaction to any dish. Get out there and try some of these options this January!

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